Wednesday, 5 December 2018

As rare as hens teeth ....

That'll be a day of just rest for me. Ok I know I'm retired but I find myself doing stuff all the time which I like. However 600 miles in the last 4 days plus some DIY'ing at no2 sons place in London has made sitting here on a warm boat listening to the heavy and persistent rain not too much of a chore.

I was out and about yesterday as my nearby neighbour now Mandy  had an alternator problem so I dropped off her genny so she could keep the batteries charged up depending on the speed of response of RCR - they did diagnose a dead alternator (took them two visits) and replaced it this morning so she could cruise back before this rain came in.

There are some jobs I could do but its nice to just relax a bit..... normal service will be resumed asap I'm sure .

I should note for my dear diary look backs we came on board as Rachel is at a conference in Telford for three days  - our mooring is about half an hour away so it saved the Uni a few quid in hotel accommodation and we get three days (evenings) on the boat.

I drove through Newport yesterday and as it is the closest town to us here now it'll be a nice place to explore - it certainly looks nice with a decent high street.

I was out first thing (for me) before the rain trying out my DSLR Sony camera with a Ebay 300mm telephoto lens. I'm still not sure, I think I prefer the superzoom bridge cameras but I'll persevere.

I did get a welcome yesterday as I was unlocking the back doors a Kingfisher swooped in and perched on my neighbours boat bow - obviously not long enough for a photo but I'll get one.

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Carol said...

Good to see that you're managing to get time to relax on the boat Nev. Whilst exploring Newport please call in to Tea on the Cobbles run by our daughter in law Ange and her friend Julie for tea and cake or a full English, and say hello from me and George.