Monday, 24 December 2018

The Shebdon v's Fradley decision tree (well table actually)

Who doesn't like decision list? I use them a lot for decisions in my life - ok not about what I'm having for my tea etc  but moving a boat from one nice place to another needs some care as the last thing you want it to have regrets by making a rash decision.

When I got my first boat it was in many ways brought to get the mooring. Then moorings were quite hard to get and the advice was to get the mooring before the boat. When we brought Comet we got both at the same time. It was still a bit of a fiddle as I recall we became 'joint owners' to enable the mooring to come to us... but we got a much wanted mooring at Fradley.

But then life changes, Fradley was great for me when living aboard or commuting from Chichester as it was en-route to Derby and my place of work....

Good old work, I think  can remember that, that's the place you go where you don't want to be to be instructed to do things you do not want to do..... horrible concept, but the money... Ahh the money thats what it was all about !!

I digress, here is my decision table.... I am lucky Rachel was relaxed about the move knowing I needed to be clear in my head it was the right thing to do.

So far so good.... but let's see what the new season brings and the re opening of the Middlewich branch.

One final thought.... I have said to those who have been in earshot I could spend my retirement doing the Four Counties.... well now my boat is on this ring so I am planning a two/three weeker in the springtime to do this, it'll be mainly solo with Rachel joining me at the weekends wherever I am .... so thats six holidays I have planned so far for 2018 - and that is only to the end of July - good old retirement !!

Shebdon is isolated
Fradley is active
Travel distance
5 minutes closer for Shebdon but then another 10 for car parking so 15 minutes closer . Not closer to Derby however for Rachel to visit after work ?
Car parking
Shebdon wins easily and will allow good access for work on the boat
No Elsan but water on mooring at Shebdon
Shebdon is £300 p.a cheaper
Cruising routes
Better more rural from Shebdon and newer to us ? Also decent solo routes with no locks each way for day trips etc and winding boat for cleaning
No other dogs passing so Lillie is safer bit closer to a quiet road


stevefree said...

I have always had an analytical brain and used things like this to make decisions. It works out though that they aren’t always the best decisions The best ones were the ones I made with my heart.
Hope you get to explore the area soon, we love it and have just taken advantage of a gap in the weather to take the boat out for 5 days.

Nev Wells said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment. I agree that some of the ‘heart’ before head decisions are the best ( certainly when it comes to motorbikes ! ) however as I get older I tend to defer to planning rather than instinct, but maybe that’s a decent New Years resolution.... be more instinctive. Glad you are out and about.... we hope to but it’ll depend on caring responsibilities. Happy Christmas