Saturday, 31 August 2019

An about time job

You'd think in retirement I would have all the time in the world. But there is always something to do and that something seems to be not cleaning the boat on the outside. I did call over and give the inside a decent clean for the visit of Teddy my grandson last week 

The problem is it really needs a spell of decent  - read not hot/cold/wet weather to plan in the clean so looking forward last week I plotted in a days fishing with friends then today (Thursday 29th) a trip to the boat for a clean.

Before cleaning I spent a good hour on all the door and hatch hinges using WD40 and 3 in 1 to free them up as they had not been used much recently. I did not want to clean then spoilt the look with dribbles of oil on the boat.  All freed up I set to with water literally on tap (what a luxury) that made the job easier and cleaner. 

Only problem giving the boat a clean you see all the little rust spots - I need to read up on how best to tackle them.....another good reason to spend more time on the boat. 

Five hours later she looks much tidier. I wanted to give the paint a polish but ran out of time so will do that hopefully in the dry dock or back on the mooring in a few weeks.

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Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

I too am not so good at remembering to clean the outside of the boat ... And then I look at it occasionally and think 'Must get on to that.' And then forget it again. Still, we are heading back to NZ in a month, so perhaps it'll get done before we leave!
Well done you for achieving it!
Cheers, Marilyn