Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Blacking - info needed

Now I am a retired gentleman this year I am going to black my own boat. All previous jobs were done by boatyards, some better than others.

In the past it’s always been ‘ standard’ blacking, intertuf  16 I assume ?

So 2 questions for a 60 foot boat 2 applications with a third on the water line how much will I need ?

Second question, where is the best place to buy it ?

All help gratefully received !!


Andy said...

We can get 3 coats and a waterline out of a 20lt tin. First coat brushed on and two rollered(57ft). Long-handled radiator roller is best (no tray just dip into the tin). anything larger gets too heavy for me same with the brush 3" is my limit

I got the Intertuf 16 from Midland Chandlers (freaky Friday), not the cheapest but convenient.

Stafford Boat Club is a good place to get hauled out, a whole week for reasonable money with good facilities (hook up,elsan, water and a bar) They have a chap that can replace anodes too.

Happy blacking.

Nev Wells said...

Cheers Andy, very helpful information. I'll start with a 20 litre tin and see how I go. I'm booked into the bonded warehouse on the Stourbridge canal as it's close to John Sanderson at Dadsford wharf - he did the paintwork on Percy and there is an area I want him to help me with so he said he can come over and work on Percy in the dry dock while black her !

Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

I use a 20l tin for a 58 foot boat for 2 full coats plus a third along the water line. I vary the width of the third coat depending on how much is left. In warm weather it seems to spread thinner so the third coat covers a larger area.

Carol said...

If the weather is a bit cold we put the tin of blacking into a bowl of hot water to thin it down, making it go on easier. h
Happy blacking!