Saturday, 7 December 2019

Another essential service

Regular attention to automotive equipment is the key to their longevity..... obvious really regular oil changes are common sense.

I brought the Honda generator off someone near Sheffield earlier in the year. I was told it had not had a lot of hours on it and this was backed up by the lack of flashing lights when the generator starts which are supposed to indicate a range on running hours - no lights = less than 100 running hours - that is how ours reacts.

However always prudent to service such buys asap - we had only really run the Genny less that 10 hours. I brought a kit off Amazon (sorry to all those Amazon haters but I think its a great service) oil, air filter and spark plug.

A bit murkier than I'd have liked the 5 litre bottle on the left is my waste oil container when full it goes to the local tip. 

One small problem was no spark plus spanner small enough ( frustratingly no tool kit came with the genny) I got round this by supergluing a couple of small washers into the inside of the old spark plug spanner I found in my tool box that made for a snug fit to get the old spark plug out and the new in.

When done  - less that 20 mins a test run to prove all is well. I may well do another oil replacement sooner rather than later to flush any of the older black stuff out of the machine. 

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