Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Still burning bits of Fradley

In my recent 2018 reflective I was fondly remembering Fradley where we moored three of our boats over an eleven year period. I recall posting about a near miss we had when a tired and much pruned tree snapped and fell between our boat and NB Sam next mooring. I blogged about it here ..... Click me 

CART subsequently came and cut it down completely. It was roughly shared out, most taking a fair share, one taking a complete load !  After some chain saw action my share fitted into my trusty barrow to be brought back to the cottage as I had no where to store it on the new mooring when we moved.

Now spring forward to November 2019 and my boo boo over the oil. I decided to light the fire today 26th Nov about an hour before the oil delivery arrived  - top timing however after getting the multifuel settled on Excel I went to the workshop and pulled out the last of the Fradley wood...

Leia certainly approved - she adopted the position as soon as the fire started giving heat out.

I expect to have got through the last of the Fradley wood tonight.... the date above when the wood was cut shows the wood I am burning is well seasoned, spot on two years. Not sure what the tree was (not my forte) but is very dry but still quite dense so an ideal combination.

Free fuel, somewhat offsets the cost of the expensive mooring (relative to where we are now) plus I understand burning wood is as good as it gets for the environment in heating terms.


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser http://nbharnser.blogspot.com said...

They were pruning the trees along there by some of the boats 2 days ago when we passed. Counted 15 boats there and about 3 spaces. I wonder if that will change when the new marina opens down at the next lock

Nev Wells said...

In my 11 years there every new moorer complained about the tress and BW then C&RT came along and did some pruning so it does not surprise me there is more cutting going on there. It’s a lovely place but I have no doubt it’ll be impacted by the new marina. Not that it was a problem but more and more boats were using the 14 day moorings opposite and when the marina is in operation I’ve no doubt there will be a lot of weekend trips to the swan just to get out of the marina. If I wanted to moor near Fradley in a marina I’d always go for Kings Bromley - the right side of the Fradley flight. Enjoy your trip