Thursday, 23 November 2017

Wow a real rockin'n'rollin tonight

Getting a little in front of myself as I still have plenty to blog about to getup to date. However I am on the boat now and Percy is riding our quite a storm. The boat is rocking and rolling - so much Leia is getting a little scared and has adopted her 'under my feet' location.

The last storm that blew through brought down part of the Willow tree between Percy and Sam's mooring.

Well C&RT have been down and removed the tree completely... plus a few others. Made a bit of a mess if truth be told but it could have been worse if my neighbour Mandy  had not helped move the boat and more importantly re secure the boat. 

This is the view now...

That was last night, today being retired and close to the NEC I went to the Motorcycle live show.... disappointed to be honest. Nothing there to compare with my now lost to me Honda ST1300. Closest was the BMW RT1200 or maybe for something lighter the BMW F800gt..... well I do have a little time to test ride the replacement. 

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