Friday, 21 October 2022

Just do one thing....

I've watched Frozen planet II with a wonder and dread in equal measures. The final program is heart wrenching in its call to arms for the people of the world, the developed (sic) nations in particular  to honour the pledge to hold global temperatures. It's not my world that will be destroyed but that of my children and grandchildren. It is them that will see all the impacts of our intransigence and lack of respect to nature and climate. 

I am not detailing a sermon as I am not in a position to do so as I am part of the problem. I am also trying to be part of the solution. There is no doubt the society we have developed is one of encouragement of profligacy. No one person can resolve the situation but every little thing we do hopefully multiple times of the day builds into a move towards change for the better. 

We can afford to make changes that helps, in how we travel, how we holiday, how we eat, how we heat. how we shop.... everything we do we can review and look for change to make a small positive change.

Here is a contentious thing - challenge me if you like but I think recession and expensive electricity gas and oil is a good thing. People are now looking at what the actually need rather than want. People are turning thermostats down and putting on layers. They are delaying putting central heating on and heating the rooms they use rather than the whole house. Yes its hard but is is going to make a difference. 

Please try and do something, anything that you feel or know will help reduce the impact of your life on this planet. It's a beautiful place, let's work together to leave that beauty in place for future generations ? 

Remember it's your responsibility despite what the media and social media tell you. Just now it seems many are able to justify non action by blaming others ... I grew up in a time when you were responsible for your own life and decisions... now it seems evermore it's someone else's problem. Maybe that is the case in some circumstances but don't let it be a reason to do nothing, doing nothing is akin to being culpable. Be a hero,  be a role model to your children and grandchildren. Seek out change for the better however small every little thing helps.

Wednesday, 19 October 2022

Not bad for a 60 year old

I had reason to visit my youngest sons new house in Chinley earlier this week. We had tentatively agreed to go for a walk in the PM.

We set to walking from his house and within 10 minutes we were in stunning countryside. He and his wife have chosen a fantastic place to live. 

We were planning a round walk but decided at the half way point we could make it to Edale and get the train back..

The photos will detail the beauty and isolation my words will not easily describe. It was lovely to have some quality time with Callum and share a passion for the outdoors. I also got to revisit the small part of the Pennine way I have long harboured an ambition to walk - ever since being captivated by John Noakes and Shep walking it filmed for Go with Noakes in 1977. 

I walked Jacobs Ladder as part of my prep for the first three peaks walk I did in 2003 ( 26 hours ) revisited the challenge in 2004 and did it in 23 hours 11 minutes. 

John drinking his own wee ( he told us ) 

Dee reflecting... and scoffing

Rob smiling as he knew he was the fittest ! 

Anyhow twenty years later I was there with Callum and as noted above we had a great walk, yomping the end to get the 5.45pm train back to Chinley.

The Kinder plateau is a beautiful remote isolated place especially on a Tuesday afternoon. It was a privilege to be there. 

Our stats were pleasing making a decent progress up hill and for the walk in general. Just sore knees in the evening. I celebrated the following day (today) with a 130 mile motorcycle ride/errand. 

Monday, 17 October 2022

My Nephew Rich

Sadly Richard passed away 6 years ago. He was a bright star, always smiling had the best can do attitude in anyone I've known. A real inspiration to live life to the full whatever the circumstances. 

At the weekend we gathered to name him mums latest sailing boat in his name. It was as I'm sure Rich would have wanted a happy day, some individual sad reflection but we were there to be with Richard and celebrate life going on with him. 

A few pictures 

Thursday, 13 October 2022

Not a fan of the East and what next ?

I woke up from a decent nights slumber at the Victoria Hotel in Lowestoft by 6am  - it seems to be my wake up time when on these bike tours ! Decent breakfast with a bacon sarnie once again made up for my dinner and I was off at 9.15.

I really am not a fan of the flat lands of the Norfolk and Lincolnshire. The roads are a series of long straights with the odd bend and roundabout to break the monotony. I did enjoy watching the fields roll by trying to guess what was being grown.

I stopped at Swaffham  for a coffee break and leg stretch. I've been here many years ago on my first Deauville with Rachel when we had a wine tasting weekend present from out lads. We combined it with a visit to Rachels birth place and some houses she lived in before migrating from Essex to Anglesey.

Swaffham is where Kingdom was filmed  - a decent series starring Stephen Fry... having read his autobiographies a few times I knew he lived local and saw his house  (one of them) as I wizzed past West Bilney  on the  busy A47.

I stopped at a friends for lunch and a catch up before riding over to Oakham to drop off something at my sisters.

Then it was just under 2 hours to home but I varied the route to take in the bike cafe at Donnington park. I then further varied the route to go off via the A515 from the A50 cutting down to Norbury  and on via Ellastone and then further varying the route with a ride back via Ipstones edge to get my views and hills fix starved of me in Norfolk. 

All in 845 miles at what the bike tells me was a not to shabby for the roads and the small engined bike (411cc) an average speed of 34mph. The bike now has visited the four corners of the mainland Great Britain as described by the Iron Butt association, a tidy achievement for man and machine. 

Got to look for some more challenges now. 

It is the case that this year I have cycled from west to east the shortest way in May and motorcycled west to east the longest way in October - a good year for two wheels.