Monday, 3 October 2022

The last mooring - not the Plum Pudding

We had a nice meal in the Tame Otter ( never had a bad one ) last night and came back to watch some TV. 

This morning we were away at 9.45 am having let the donk warm up for a little while. The boat two behind us came past as I was untying   - I think he was a little concerned I'd thought he jumped out - I told him we were more than happy to follow - we never saw him again. 

Then is was a nice cruise, Rachel got off at a bridge before Whittington and walked to the Coop while I brought the boat round - timing wise helped by having to hold for a couple of boats as soon as turned onto the Whittington straight. Rachel collected at the other side of the village and we motored on in quite delightful autumnal sunshine. 

Just before the Plough Inn we past this boat - we had a difference of view on the meaning of the boat name!

Comet had moved up from Fazeley to past the Plough 

The section between Fazeley and Fradley does have quite a few places were the reeds are encroaching across the canal making blind bridge holes even blinder ! 

Remember my comment about this mooring ( that we overnighted on ) not being marked for C&RT working boats ... I was wrong ! 

Quite a few boats going south and most were at bends or near moored boats but all managed by both crews without drama.

We stopped at the uber slow water point just before the junction with the Trent and Mersey. We really only needed a splash for this evening and tomorrow before we get back into our berth at Great Haywood tomorrow. The turn was done with ease but then I held again as a hire boat came past the moored boats near the Swan. 

This did mean the locks were with us so we made a quick passage with the help of the one remaining volunteer lockie at Shadehouse - the others having gone home after lunch not expecting more boats in the afternoon.

The section from Woodend to Kings Bromley is still one of my favourite sections on the system, I'm pleased HS2 hasn't impacted it..... I've many many lovely memories of mooring here with Waterlily and Percy over the years. 

We decided for Lilly we would not make for the Plum Pudding and have moored just up from Kings Bromley marina. Just got in so we are not under any of the many oaks that are dropping their acorns now. 

A warm evening so the fire will stay out and the oven will give the boat the right amount of heat tonight.

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