Saturday, 29 August 2015

Persephone gets naked

Rachel likes to think of Percy as short for Persephone, it makes referencing Percy as 'she' easier. The reality is Percy was always intended to be the masculine as the boat was named after Tony Redshaw's father - Percival Redshaw or Percy for short.

Anyhow that is all a bit of nonsense to allow me to use a more interesting title. But Percy is indeed back to metal, all paint stripped off.

John the painter  - web site link here has kindly sent me some pictures as I wanted to chronicle the process in words and pictures. For now just the pictures I'll give a 'technical' update later.

All I know is there must have need a great deal of manual effort in getting all of the paint off to get Percy back to steel.

Latest update is the first primer coat is on..... exciting stuff !!

Monday, 17 August 2015

Dear diary...

....well I consider it as such, albeit  public one that gets selective postings. Some stuff gets censored by my common sense. For my record then and your interest if my life is interesting to you.

Family events continue to dominate as well as work and the grove that is being formed on the A34 - funerals, the social and health care systems house(s) boats bikes etc etc. Just busy living I guess.

We had a lovely time at our sons and daughter 's  post wedding party in the Derbyshire dales in late July .

The future.....

I love this photo.... they may well have been laughing at the photographer.... regardless they all looked so happy.

Then it was back into that grove down south to have a lovely few days with our good friends from Scotland and their engaging and very tiring little twins.

Top comment of the visit was when Isabella advised me our piano was broken as it would not play the tune she wanted it to  ! Love it 

We had a great day on the beach doing the sandcastle stuff and some swimming took place I understand !

Then it was over to the boat yard to drop off the windows from  Wesley marine (top company) and some motorbiking as well on the odd evening I gave myself some time off ! 

Getting closer to now now ... Last time I was down south we has a lovely impromptu walk around Bosham. It spiked my interest in the sea going boats down there, I have decided that a motorsailer  is for me.... just got to learn to sail, get over the sea sickness issue get my VHF license and then buy a nice Colvic !!

I also was persuaded to go single again after 30 years.... well have my ring resized as I am led to believe they shrink over time  !!!

So this weekend we were at the Belper river gardens taking Ross my mum and Rachel's mum for some much needed vitamin D.

Then it was back to the shed that time forgot as part of my house prep ... well garden prep while I have the weather and no boat. I recovered my old Gary Fisher mountain bike and Rachel's old (new) cycle from the spiders 

Back over to the boat to agree the final colours, take a trip on John's 'Tuppa' boat with a stop off for food at the glass museum. All done via the Pan of course. 

Percy waiting to go under the scrabblers, should have started now. 

John our boat painters 'other' boat  - tuppa. Some ad hoc boating  - here we were putting the drain bolt back into the block as it had dropped out and the raw water cooling wasn't cooling.

Lots of glass blowing done is this neck of the woods.

O' and at some point over the weekend I got a year older and my eldest took the lead in the Whisky stakes with this very modern take on the brand...My dad used to drink Haig ! Lovely bit of 100 % unique pottery for the boat from Courtney when she has her new colours, the boat not Courtney of course .

Right up to date.... well unless you want to know that I was out in the garden putting new felt on the little shed roof and finally removing the large shed base tonight ..... all ready for collection now !