Friday, 15 May 2020

Roll call for my list of supportive companies and organisations.

There is no doubt many companies and organisations* have reacted well to the virus challenges presented to us/them. Some have not but this is a positive post where I reflected on those companies I have been grateful for or who have gone the extra mile or innovated.... it's not exhaustive and I may have missed some off and the list is not in any order of effort or preference ...

  1. Morrisons  - my supermarket of choice. In the main friendly staff and well organised with all the food and essentials I have needed.
  2. C&RT - they have kept the canals open for those who need to use them as live-a-boards. Kept information coming and given me hope there will be travel in the future !
  3. Amazon, not everyones cup of tea but I use them and they and their drivers, pickers, IT  and others  have stood up well and been a great support
  4. Admiral car insurance - just because they gave me £50 back off my car insurance, top company and I will stay with them next year as a show of loyalty
  5. BT Openeach and Plusnet for keeping an uninterrupted internet service going - essential for working at home for Rachel.
  6. Apple, because they have reacted so well to my damaged IT equipment and their gear is so useable and so reliable   - see my Spotted dick post ! 
  7. The Coop group, I have many services from them as I like their sharing and charity ethos. They also are to be recommended for their insurance fast efficient and fair.
  8. My neighbourhood, the little hamlet where we live have been supportive as have the wider village group who have set up and operated a very useful and supportive Facebook group
  9. Facebook, only just made it on but then I reflected the benefits of family and friends communication outweighed the twattery that I have to endure in some groups, mainly the 'Friendly narrow boat group' ironically. I joined out of all but that one and I fear it's only a mater of time before I sack it off based on the amount of moaners and know it all's in there.
  10. Finally the UK government. Sure they have got stuff wrong, but they are humans and working at breakneck pace. I am a bit fed up with the snipers who compare with other countries and other leaders. History will detail the countries that did 'better' than others, based on the reality of population, population density, international travel hubs etc, not facebook or blogging warriors who have political bias. Our Children and grandchildren will read about the lessons learnt and in some ways it's the governments who learn and change as well as those that react to protect people AND the economy as without that we have no health and public services. 
  11. * These have been the absolute back bone  - NHS, Pharmacies, Farmers, Posties,  Bin men (never seen a bin woman, I'm sure they are out there but we have bin men) other couriers and delivery drivers.
I ponder often how/if we will retain out loyalty to those that came good. It is my intention to be more loyal, maybe even at a bit of cost but they were good for me in the dark times so I will be behind them in the future. 

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