Saturday, 23 May 2020

So what’s your nearest place on the canal

Ok, those that live aboard may not want to play, but clicking on CanalplanAC  ( did you know that’s a palindrome) and allowing the program to know your location it’ll calculate how far you are from the nearest canal feature.

“Your nearest place on the waterways is Changeline Bridge number 52 on the Trent and Mersey canal (Caldon Branch  - Main line to Froghall) This is two and three quarter furlongs away”

That’s a third of a mile as the crow flies and there are a few flying around here.


Jim said...

"Your nearest place on the waterways is Aldcliffe Road Footbridge No 96 on the Lancaster Canal (Main Line). This is 4½ furlongs away"

Yes, that sounds about right, but not having a racehorse I think of it as being "a bit less than a kilometre" away.

Nick said...

You do know that you can change it to use km, or two other formats of miles, don't you? Just go to preferences, override defaults and pick what you want.

Glad you are having fun with that feature though - it was fun to add.

Sarah said...

I can't find the feature on Canalplan :-(
So I'm going to guess it's Sheffield Basin (AKA 'Victoria Quays'), about 1m 6f away.

nb Carmel said...

"Your nearest place on the waterways is Preeshenlle Bridge No 15W on the Shropshire Union Canal (Llangollen Canal - Main Line). This is 2½ furlongs away
Your location is available with an estimated accuracy of 30m."
That's pretty good, I think!
(PS I'm happy with furlongs and other older measurements, having spent 30yrs on the railway where they still work to miles and chains (22yds in a chain, 80 chains to a mile . . .)
Dave on nb Midnight Trace (the account name is still from a previous boat)

Jim said...

No, I didn't realise I could change the "distance" settings, so thanks. I was just amused by being given the distance in furlongs and then being told it was accurate to "187 metres"!

Not a problem, I just love the way old and new measurements get mixed up all the time.