Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Nosebleed territory and distractions

Have a look over there on the right .... this post will take me to 95 and on my way to 100 posts this year  which makes 2020 the best blogging year on Percy so far.

I was a bit keener on Waterlily hitting well into the 130’s  - and that was when I was working. 

I did call on Percy the other day for a check and this weekend we will be there all being well. I have an EE sim to try in the router. I have been reading around 4g connectivity (sad act) and I think I need to be looking deeper into the TP Link router and its settings to get the best out of it.

I’ve also been getting some exploratory miles in and around the moorlands on Anode my Royal Enfield Himalayan, plus weekend rides doing my IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists)  so I can eventually ride for the blood bikes..... and that’s before I’ve done stuff on the cottage. 

I brought a bit of the peaks back with me ......

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