Thursday, 21 February 2013

One I made earlier

When I started Percy's blog I did not have too many images, so I just chucked up a photo I took when we viewed Percy for the first time. Jaq from NB Valerie has on more than one occasion commented on the header fro  my other blog Waterlily, in a positive way I should say.

Recently I was walking Leia back from one of our favorite canal walk when I turned to see the sun setting, As I was close to where I took the original Waterlily banner photo I thought I'd try and improve/get another shot. I have changed my best picture with a little editing, I am pleased with the new look. Now I just have to change the 'pink' background as Rachel referred to it recently.

Some other shots taken from a late afternoon walk at Fradley, the best time when most of the visitors have buggered off gone home.

 Something is changing on the old Swan line moorings.... there seems less boats and getting fewer?
 Ex Blogger Norwyn's boat, Shell Bell venturing back towards Fradley
 I could not resist giving the candy boat (should the the sweet boat imho....) some trade with a bag of Sherbert lemons and a bag of chocolate limes to keep me company on my walk.

 Just lovely......


  1. Yep, Nev - it's a good un! It's got just the atmosphere it needs

  2. Lovely shot Nev. Might even have persuaded us to pop in for a pint at the 'Mucky Duck' on Saturday evening if you're about.

  3. Great pics Nev i am going to carry the blog on for a while just an update of post boating rubbish, although we are walking the coast to coast path in May.
    still enjoying your blog for my boating fix.

  4. Very nice. Hope it is as pleasant when we pass by at the weekend.

  5. Thank you all for your nice comments.

    John & Louise, Not 100% sure but I might be aboard Saturday afternoon and overnight, depends on others at the moment. If I am I will post here so we can meet up for a pint at the Swan

    Ian & Karen.... enjoy but it will be very cold....out there on the tiller !!

  6. We popped in to the Mucky Duck for some tea and a pint (or three) after watching the rugby. Hope to enjoy a beer soon.

  7. What on earth were you drinking, then, Blue Moon? Or is it that you didn't actually enjoy the pints you downed today?

  8. Gorgeous. Will be cruising that way the end of March in an Aqua boat again. I will give you a toot if I see you. Can't wait to be on that canal again it was so lovely

  9. John & Louise, sorry I did not make it. Our cat is living the last few days of her long life and I thought it right to come back and support Rachel. Halfie.... we have breakfast, dinner and tea this neck of the woods, you will get used to it when you move over ;-)

    Carol, I will be blogging about a great walk that you might want to do when you come this way... I am knackered now and Leia very much is also. Say hellow to Justin for us.