Thursday, 14 February 2013

Stand back... this is a man's engine

Where do I stand on political correctness....being brought up by a mum who stayed at home and a dad who worked,  provided housekeeping, spent the rest on beer and fags and the horses and dogs....that may give you a clue. However  I am what is badly described as a 'New Man' I do ironing, house cleaning shopping cooking looked after the kids when they were younger, so I accept change, I work on fairness but I don't want it forced upon me... so that is where I stand.

I recently ordered the Lister Instruction Book and Parts list for my CS2. It will be very useful and much referred to. One thing that made me chuckle was the front cover....

 Proudly sitting on my engine....

So to get the best out of the engine the book has to be given to the man who looks after it... in this case me ! Published today it would no doubt cause offence, published in 1966 (I would be 4) it was just how it was.... it also cost ten shillings!

It does make me feel good about the boat I have brought, it has a man's name and a man's engine. OK now I'll go and do the dishes !


Les Biggs said...

Hi Nev
Not sure about new man. I`ve always helped with things around the house bar ironing. Jaq helps with the log stacking and a host of other things.
We call ourselves partners. I suppose new could be slotted in that title.

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