Saturday, 16 February 2013

Percy's workshop & the amp meter

I have recently been working on Percy's electrics. It is a joy to be working around an engine rather than over it. When we recently visited Waterlily to check her over she would not start. I had to borrow a jump lead form the workshops to get her going off the leisure bank. We left her running and the brokers turned her off to give the engine a good warm up and the batteries a good top up charge.

So while I have been working on Percy's electrics I have set myself up a nice little work space..

With the stove going and the coffee flowing it is a nice and easy place to work. The first thing I fitted was a amp meter to the solar controller.

 You can see I was getting 2 amps in the low winter sun. It will be useful when I come to make some form of angle device to better harvest the sun.

The switch is not connected at the moment. I added it so I could bypass the meter as I was unsure if running it via the meter would rob me of a small amount of power.


One Thing After Another said...

Hi nev

Just found your new blog - love it and new boat is looking great. Hope you're keeping well ? We're on the macc too so will give you a wave if you come past!

Speak soon

Nev Wells said...


Thank you for the nice comment. I'd be really well if I could send more time on the boatI We have an appointment with the end of the Macc sometime soon as we never did it when we were there in 2008. Where on the Macc are you moored?

Take care and keep blogging,