Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Who are the blogging cruisers of the future

Halfi as recently blogged about the rise and fall of bloggers on the Waterways website rankings. I was quite amazed to see Waterlily's blog up there at number 14.

It did bring back memories of some old blogs I used to be an avid reader of - Granny B, Gypsy Rover, Caxton, Warrior, Khayankanzi, Lazy days. Some have moved on to other boats, some have stopped blogging and some have left the waterways for good. NB Piston Broke (great name) being the latest boat to go up for sale as Paul and Lyn are taking on new challenges.

The most inspiring and the first blog I followed was Snecklifters blog,  Sadly it seems Mike and Liz have taken their blog down, their cruise was planned for 4 years and ended up at 6 with them retiring to Matlock back on the land. Mike had a great style and was a good writer, I only saw them once and they moved past us very early in the morning when we were on our shared boat Sylph moored on the Middlewich branch of the Shroppie.

So it got me to thinking who might be out there when I am on my extended cruising (hopefully) and who might have given up and who I'll never stop and have a cuppa with.....

There may be people now who have never even been on a canal boat who will make their life afloat when we get more time, there will be those like us who are planning more time aboard, and those out there now who only ever see their remaining time on a canal boat somewhere on the system. 

I don't think we will ever fully live aboard, my ties to land and family would I think stop that. I like the way NB Chance seems to do it, lots of cruising over the lighter days then holiday abroad in the winter.  I'd like to think when we do start our extended cruising we become a blogging must read or rather we blog about our travels and some find it interesting/amusing/sad !!

Whoever you are I hope our paths cross and we can share a tea and chat moment somewhere out there on the system.


  1. Some of us, who never hit the heights in terms of ratings, keep on blogging and boating and hopefully produce interesting posts. There are lots of blogs with lowly ratings that have lots of interesting things to say. Perhaps their lowly ratings are because they don't post everyday. I started back in 2005 and I am still going (strong?) posting when I find something I think will interest others.

    I notice I am not on your blog roll (although you are on mine). By way of encouragement to read our blog, Andrew Denny of Granny Buttons once wrote very encouragingly about my efforts when he reviewed blogs a few year ago.

    see http://nbalbert.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. Funny old thing blog ratings. We all tend to list others so for sure we are not competing.
    I must agree with Steve that some of the less rated blogs are excellent.
    Anyway the mosy important thing is we are all boaters not writers so enjoy both but worry not about who is or is`nt reading our blogs.

  3. Steve on NB Albert writes a good post.

  4. Steve,

    Thanks for the comment. I agree quality beats quantity every day. I see my blog as an online diary for me but if others find it interesting so much the better. I have now added your blog. I am an avid almost nerdy blog reader, I use my list on the right to keep up with everyone and have made some good friends from it. I will give your blog a good read.


  5. Hi Nev i read a few of the blogs and although all different they all bring something to the table i look forward to following your future exploits.


  6. Hi Nev, Interesting post, we were only thinking the same how many bloggers we are starting to lose. It certainly suits us the way we are lucky enough to combine the two (at the moment we are in Prague for a few days!) We can only hope that your postings may encourage others to have a go, everyone has something interesting to say, Hope to meet you sometime on the cut this year. Regards James and Doug

  7. You'll always be welcome to join us for a cuppa on board Jubilee (when we get it back!)

  8. Nice start guys...I went through the website and I found that you made decent point Techno British. Keep up the topic that everyone can choose one of the best. Thanks..

  9. Hi Nev, interesting blog - like you my blog is really an online log of our travels and I have to admit it’s nice to see it occasionally move up in the rankings (and then down again!) as I don’t post every day. The thing that does surprise me though is Granny Buttons - according to my list Andrew hasn’t posted for the last 5 months yet he’s always near the top of the rankings list - how does that work I wonder?

  10. James/Doug, you boys certainly enjoy holidaying... if you can do it I say. We are looking forward to meeting up, you always seems to have cake on board !

    Halfie... I bet you are counting the days to retirement and then the days before you get Jubilee back, are you still planning a move to canals central (the midlands?)

    Carol, I expect anyone who does a google search for canal related matters gets a link the Andrews web site, that or he spends all day at WW linking back to his pages. He was not at Streethay when we past the other week so must be out there somewhere !

  11. Thoughtful meanderings....miss the pic from Waterlily. Irrespective of rankings, blogs are an interesting way to learn more of a watery way of life.

  12. P.S.from NB Valerie crew: You and yours are always welcome on board for a cuppa and apiece of cake at the very least! I myself love all the different blogs. I really appreciate how people are willing to open up their lives for us to read about and consider. Everyone's experiences on the waterways are a just a bit different and I love those little things that each person includes that makes their own voice unique.

  13. OK. Tea, cake ... AND a biscuit.

  14. Any advances on Tea, cake and biscuit?
    Do I hear +a bottle of beer.
    Going, going .........

  15. Righto, as a newby to this boating thing, t'was blogs got me into it. Not doing a blog myself, not brave enough, congrats to the rest of you, and thanks a gazillion. We have overwintered in Sussex, severe vertical stabillity problems have made it a good idea to stay here, but we will be back on the water at the end of the month.
    Mike (and Phillippa) on nb GARNET.