Tuesday, 8 December 2015

C&RT Complaint - escalation

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Well if you thought you were safe on the waterways think again. From my dealings to date with C&RT over the selection of competent contractors and the management of those same contractors - they are woefully and shockingly NOT IN CONTROL of their contractors. This extends to them not even knowing how many complaints they have received in relation to the work Fountains undertake.

My complaint is now at stage 2  - C&RT having accepted  blame but passing it to their contractors and passing me to their contractors as well, quality customer services - this is not how it should be done.

They have a responsibility to engage competent contractors and have knowledge of their contractors - they do not. How can they guarantee safety of users if they have such an ignorant approach to what their contractors are doing......??

It gets better. You will have seen the lock volunteers, well C&RT are considering asking volunteers to clerk the works of some of their contractors - yep they are that ignorant of their responsibilities.

I have been patient and will still work with C&RT but I have such doubt over their ability to manage I have made enquiries for a marina berth such is my lack of trust over how they might manage me and my boats safety while on their linear moorings.

I'll update more as I progress to stage 2 but for now, not impressed.

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