Monday, 7 December 2015

Staying multifuel rather than oil.... for now why??

I have asked on a couple of occasions for advice on replacing my Squirrel multi-fueled back burner for an oil burner.... mainly for dust/allergy issues Rachel suffers from.

I received the manual for the corner bubble from Hepworth heating today after I sent an enquiry on the layout of the back boiler in and outs.

It is a good manual. There is an excellent section on chimneys and the impacts on performance which is an eye opener and put me off, and that is before consideration of performance using the non pumped back boiler I have now. No bends, double skinned, 28 inch chimbleys to note a few bits of performance advice

It just made me feel;-

  1. There would be a risk after the install it would not perform as well as the stove I have now
  2. There is more to go wrong with it
  3. I can find stuff to burn in an emergency (run out of money, need to dispose of a body etc) I have so far never cruised past a discarded jerry can of diesel!
  4. I could find better things to spend £2,000 on (price I estimate to replace with a new Lockgate diesel stove)
  5. Sue, Bruce, Les & Jaq, Geoff & Mags, Mandy plus many more on the right who live aboard and are the real experts can't be wrong ;-) Those on the right who are oilies please do not be offended!
In defence oil it is cleaner and may - may resolve the allergy issue. Plus I would not wish to put anyone off buying one - Hepworths seem a decent company as do Lockgate.

So for now I will use the little portable Dyson and be a cleaner boater, but I reserve the right to change my mind and be a dithering idiot - I am getting better at that the older I get !

Next post an update on C&RT response to my complaint about their contractors. 


Tom and Jan said...

We couldn't fit a multifuel stove as Jan suffers from asthma. The benefits are. Fuel for two winters takes up the same space as 3 bags of coal. Quick to start and stop. Easy to regulate the heat (no wasted heat). Flue is no taller than any other stove. No ash, dust or smoke in the boat. Very economical. Cost us around 1400 for the fitted stove.

Just an alternative view! :-)

Nev Wells said...

Hi Tom, Thanks for the alternative view. Much of the benefits I had already identified and you did get me dithering again - looking at the Refleks again as I did when Lesley and Joe came thru Fradley last year after just having had a reflecks fitted. Very interested you had the stove fitted due to Jan's asthma one of the major considerations for us (still) The price I cited was for the converted Squirrel as this would mean no extra plumbing solid fuel squirrel out diesel squirrel in. Still have an eye to it but one thing that is different between us and you is it is our one and only form of heating - I recall you have a diesel central heating system as well?