Wednesday, 9 December 2015

C&RT freedom of Information request.... interesting

I made a FOI to C&RT and they gave me a wrong answer

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They have subsequently updated the request having no doubt found my complaint. It does make me wonder if I had not been pursuing my complaint they would have just provided me with the fob off...? I have made other FOI's and have a few more to make to get the information I need in order to support my complaint with C&RT.

It bothers me I am taking their time up but I pay a lot of money each year to C&RT and I feel they need to understand what a customer looks like and more importantly how to engage with their customers. So I see this as a painful (for me) improvement exercise (for them).

I have faith in their processes and therefore am holding back on the full detail in order to give C&RT the time to review their approach and more importantly re-read their mooring agreement and understand their responsibilities. Hopefully this will be for the benefit of all C&RT customers !

For my record I have put the link to the agreement here Click me


KevinTOO said...

I see exactly where you're coming from with this Nev.
It's a shame C&RT don't share your clarity of vision...
Perhaps they #shgtss

Nev Wells said...

Hi Kevin, They need to re-read section 27 of their mooring agreement. A solicitor friend of mine has and given good advice ! I hate complaining but I hate being fobbed off even more.