Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Don't you hate it when you plan a job then forget about it until the time comes when it is too late to do anything about it ? This is the case with my good intention of protecting my hemp rope fenders, as advised by Joe who made them, 'give em a good dose of creosote lad' was his advice, 'that'll last em' or some such black country language.

So dutifully I removed them in November and hauled them across the lock to my car and took them home to the garage pending the sourcing of creosote.....

Bump forward to this morning when I was loading the car (or rather un - loading the stove from the back cabin out of the car) when I found the three fenders sitting waiting for their dressing. Bugger !

Now getting them off was easy'ish only lost one shackle, getting them back on I needed Mr Tickle to help me ! What I did do with some degree of forward planing was take a photo of how they were sitting to help me get them back onto the back of the boat, sorry stern of the boat.

Before ...


After.... some messing about 

Those astute amongst you will notice the addition of some strategically positioned (on the chains) inner tube donated from my Gary Fisher mountain bike.

Job done to be reversed when we finish this little sojourn aboard Percy - it is a 31st anniversary cruise just to great Haywood and back.

For my record we were out on the bike seeing Sussex via the back lanes  on Sunday. It is a monthly get together by the southern members of the Deauville owners club - I now have a Deauville again. A great bunch of people.

A 7.30 am start .....

Early February on the bike as well as the boat..... hardy souls !!

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