Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Miles and smiles with a decent boaty tip

Sadly no boat miles but car bike and legs all getting a decent run out.

It is a 'down sarf' weekend hence the no boat miles. I foolish thought I'd do the M1 M25 A3 route on Thursday evening -  all ok till the M25 turned into a 20 minute car park as the services cleared a bump at the top of the M3, just par for the course now.

Took a lunchtime ride  out to get seaside chips on Friday I have the Deauville down here now so fully intend to use it. This is Littlehampton - a seasidy place for sure and I guess very busy in high summer.

They were dredging the channel  - impressive reach of the JCB to dig the pebbled out.

Saturday was a decent South Downs dog walk. I was heading for Stoughton  but took a wrong turn and ended up walking around Stanstead forest  - a great walk - very muddy in places but I had the walk to myself so I was not complaining.

I did find a nice Church yard to sit and eat my apple & Mars bar !

These boots are superb, they have taken me up the three highest mountains in England Scotland and Wales - twice and have covered hundreds of miles in Wales Scotland and England and they still don't leak !

Not sure how natural this is  - all Willow making a beautiful walkway on one part of the footpath

I actually talked to this tree ... and gave is a hug. You have to wonder how old this Yew tree is, it must have seen some seasons. 

This is the 'Avenue' that was created for the owners of Stansted Hall  - it was the view we enjoyed last year from the house when John Carrie and the girls visited us. If you click the image you may just see the house....

Here is the boaty tip - I have an app on my phone that has found and guided me on many many walks both planned and unplanned. Memory Map  it really is a top app and if you can afford it and you like walking especially as on the boat you will be in lots of different areas it is a must have. I have a battery pack that I take with it as over a lonf walk it does use the battery. A screen grab from the Ipad - walks can be routed like this then sent to the phone for following. This was just over three and a half miles but n the mud it felt more !

We then had a trip the Chichester - a really nice little place to shop. We did call into our favourite coffee house to listen to a chap on the piano and have some really nice coffee - and a scone.

Sunday I took the bike out  - greasy wet roads but a great ride. Spot the Deauville ....

The run back was one to record... and I did when I got home..... I'll certainly do this again from the biker cafe on the A272 to Petersfield then down via South Harting, Compton and Walderton..... a great ride.

Not finished yet.... after washing the bike and tidying the garage we went for another even muddier walk. Mapped again on the fly this time. Just over three miles and we arrived back in the twilight.

There were some decent size animal tracks  - deer are ever present in the downs, a few have run across the road when Rachel has been driving home at night.

Evidence of Badgers also, they grub for worms ...

Leia certainly was tracking lots of scents 

Did I mention it was muddy !

We hit a small lake and it took some engineering to effect a crossing  !

All in all a good busy weekend.

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