Friday, 4 March 2016

Youtube anorak - part of a club, men (and a lady) in engine rooms

Its been a long day.... 5.30 am start lots of decisions have been made and I am richer in my pocket for being paid to make the decisions.... the world of work. Don't you love it....well some do not as they have retired, you know who you are !

Anyhow what tenuous link can I make here.... to relax on my sofa (not on the boat sadly) I repaired to Youtube with wine to seek out videos of men & ladies starting all sorts of exotic and sometimes not so exotic engines in engine rooms on boats. Well it relaxes me..........

So I have in no order of preference ...

A Seffle semi diesel - hot bulb !!

Petter S  - another blow lamp hot bulb

.... and of course the best of them all 

All a bit more complicated than turning a key - in most instances. Not for everyone but those who want oil as their eau de cologne - enjoy.

I cannot be held responsible for those that sell their granny for an engine such as these after indulging in this engine fest.

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KevinTOO said...

Thanks Nev, that was most certainly a most entertaining & educational post :)