Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Feeling deserted

Call me paranoid but I thought I'd get in front of the game and gave the grass on my mooring a mowing the other evening. I have my signs up not to mow next to my boat but after my experience of last year  - click here for that  I did not want to take the risk.

As to that complaint I am waiting for the surveyors report - there is no doubt now the contractors chipped the new paintwork, but I'll blog about it down the line when the complaint is wrapped up.

So why am I feeling deserted, well chatting to my fellow moorers at Hunts I was updated on the news... two of the long term moorers and one mid term (less than 5 years) are off giving up the boating. They all have their reasons and quite obviously they are not obliged to keep boating but it is always sad to see people you have shared a common joy and 'chatted' to move on and the pages in their lives that were boating related are closed.

One couple I am advised just were fed up with the really wet weather. Living off grid as you do at the moorings is hard work and those that do it or have done it need to be recognized for their fortitude.

One other boater, my neighbour is off on an extended cruise - lucky bugger. So I expect when I return to living afloat three boats astern of me will be gone so I will have quite a view.

The good news for some is that there will be mooring opportunities at Fradley coming up. The moorings have a good mix of activity but peacefulness and are in essence very rural by nature. Alrewas is a 30 minute walk away and the cruising routes are excellent. C&RT's contractors have been known to damage your boat but I think they have learnt that lesson by now.

So I am now starting to feel like the old hand down there.... I think there are now just 5 boats that have been there longer than me.

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