Saturday, 12 March 2016

I wonder if this might catch on....

I went out with a good friend today to 'collect a tag' .... let me explain.

I ride out with a really good group of motorcyclist and have some good friendships from  the internet forum we arrange meets via.

There is always a reason to arrange a ride out or just ride out for your own pleasure.... those who have a passing interest in motorbikes will have noted a few bike posts on my blog.

The group operate a regional 'tagging' game. This involved posing your bike at a location  - ideally with a clue in the picture or in the words that describe the picture.... the game is set, so if you want to collect the tag (bike tagged in the picture) you do your homework, replicate the picture with your bike in it  then take another picture at another location wth your bike in it..... simple.

So today I rode 100 into deepest Kent odd miles and collected this tag...

Previous riders pic...

My bike my pic....

Then I ride to take this pic.....

I wonder if there is an appetite for those serious boaters walkers and cyclist to do the same for the canals ? I have a picture in mind ?? Post pending I think ......


  1. If I'm not mistaken the first two pics were taken outside the Malta Inn at Allington Lock on the River Medway.

    You certainly were in deepest, darkest Kent - and not far from our home!

    nb Duxllandyn

  2. Spot on Mike - it was a nice riverside eatery for sure. Not so sure about the price of the food but then I am a midlander!

  3. Hi Nev
    We will be in Fradley Monday, are you about?
    Nb. Yarwood

    1. Hi Lesley,

      Not 100% sure yet as I have a bathroom (in the house) to fit plus loads of other stuff but I do need to get to Fradley to mow the grass...I'll come knocking if I get over there - you heading up or down the T&M when you get to Fradley?

    2. Up to the Caldon. We will set off on Tuesday towards Rugeley.

    3. Sorry I missed you .... I'll watch for when you get to Froghall ....