Sunday, 20 March 2016

No one would have believed ......

 .......that in the last years of the 19th century that 

human affairs where being watched from the 

timeless worlds of space

What a treat for us to have a break and drive over to Greenwich to stay with our youngest and his partner Emma for a special treat of a West End visit to  Jeff Wayne's Theatre version of War of the Worlds.

It was a theatre deal so we had a three course pre theatre mean at the Bloomsberry Hotel . Just an excellent evening. 

This album has been a central piece of music in my life and it was quite surreal to think of when I used to listen to it on vinyl on one of the first purchases of my young working life my 'HI FI - complete with built in tape deck. I still have the album in the loft at home on vinyl.

The cast and the set was truly brilliant and how Jeff Wayne conducted with enthusiasm all evening was just a marvel to watch. I closed my eyes on a few occasions and there was not differentiation from the recording - a real compliment.

David Essex and Jimmy Nail were truly brilliant with my vote to Jimmy for his acting and singing.

I only got one cheeky shot prior at the Dominion theatre view was much better I was trying not to be told off for taking the pic !

Prior to the theatre we took a walk onto Greenwich Park  which at the top of the hill near the observatory and the meridian line gives some great views of London 

A real privilege weekend. I might get a cheeky ride on the bike later this afternoon as I have fitted a new battery and a new indicator relay after the dog has been walked in the downs and the lawns mown. 

Then its another 200  mile trip to work in the morning to add to the 400 already done this weekend

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