Friday, 5 February 2016

There is nothing more I like than a .......


Well ok there are some things I like better but when out for a walk I will always detour to a graveyard. Not to be morbid but I always feel very peaceful and 'in my place' when I walk amongst the gravestones. I think it is because it resets my values, it makes me understand how precious this life is and how much we should enjoy every day of it.

I have been out today I walked across the fields to Funtington. As an aside  - it is posh around here for a midland lad. This made me chuckle.....

.... I used the tried and tested plastic bag. Not too sure of the local farmer is aware of the dog poo flirting going on into his fields!

Anyhow at the terminus of the walk is St Marys Church with a beautifully peaceful churchyard. Now fellas take heed, many of the graves were blokes first joined later by their good ladies - some time later.

The other relevancy to todays walk and post was a program I watched at lunchtime. "Who do you think you are"  - the BBC genealogy program that featured Brian Blessed. Link Here 

Now blessed is not what I would call his ascendants, or some of them. I'll not spoilt the program for you but by todays standards there was some suffering and I challenge you not to be moved by the ending. Well worth a watch and afterwards reflect on how easy our lives are with so much support an choice.... and yet we still find things to moan about !!

My BlueDeau motorbike was ridden down last night... 200 miles  and it was  a little peach of a bike, not the fastest (I have my other bike for that) but very capable and comfortable. Not sure yet how long it will live down here but it means I have a bike every weekend now, told you we were spoilt !

I have a week off now and hope to get Percy moving. The work done last weekend means we can poll up light the fire and depart - famous last words.  Might head off for Great Haywood and then a trip into Stafford by bus,  we very much like Stafford and the tea room there. We may even celebrate our 31st wedding anniversary on board on February the 14th.... ;-)


Davidss said...

"Now blessed is not what I would call his descendants, or some of them".
I assume you meant antecedents.

Nev Wells said...

Good spot..... I'll change it later !