Sunday, 19 January 2020

On board in January and the cat poo’s in the bath !

Our cat Lilly is a large stupid ball of fluff. She is a rescue cat and bless her she I think was badly treated in her previous life. She is very scared of people and noises and ghosts around the cottage and the boat. When my very large Hi vis clad friend arrived at the cottage once she hit up the chimney !

When we went to America last year we arranged for the local chattery owner who luckily lives across the lane from us to call into the cottage and feed and check on Lily so as not to have to put her in ‘ cat prison’ for a couple of weeks. However Lily managed to get stuck in the cat little box and this freaked her out so much she decided to use the cottage as her toilet for the rest of the two weeks.... nice find Neville and a lovely lingering wee smell until I had to cut part of the carpet away.

So we are on the boat and we have brought her with us. But she is very scared of the outside even when it’s super quiet and not much else is about ( although there are more cats here than our other Fradley mooring) so this morning we were woken up with the tell tale sounds of her in her litter box, then we hear the sounds of paw against bath .... yep she had took a dump in the bath !

No point in telling off an already timid cat.... anyhow, that’s pet ownership for you.

We were due to go off for an overnight cruise today.... I spent some time yesterday fettling the engine which included trying to balance the injector feeds to the two cylinders. A fiddly process involving small adjustments to the threaded bar that links them from the speed wheel. I used my laser thermometer on the same part of each cylinder exhaust port to gauge the temperature of the cylinders against each other. They started quite a bit out, no doubt associated with the decode and gasket replacement last year. Now I have them to within 2c of each other but the engine really needs a proper run under load to get a better test.

I did the test and after a good run they are still 9c out so one is working harder than the other.... more tweaking needed.

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