Wednesday, 8 January 2020

That cage thing update

Bloody good.

It’s a Coalcage to give it its correct name. I lit it as described in a previous post and it’s been in since Friday Lunchtime.... it’s now Monday evening.


  • It uses less coal, its hopper type feeding above the riddle plate (where the updraft is) means the heat is controlled more by the bottom vent than by the amount of coal added.
  • As above the control is much more fine tuned as the burning of the coal is directly above the riddle plate/vent. As there is no coal burning uncontrolled on the sides it’s so much easier to get and maintain the right temperature.
  • Night time burning is excellent as the coal burns as it decends into the pit of the fire. No need to do anything different as the control alone allows you to regulate the fire right down to the point the fan stops but the fire is still in, we have never been more comfortable overnight on the boat in winter... just so able to fine tune 
  • The Glass is still clean after three days of constant use... again no doubt as there is no coal or wood burning right in front of the glass.
  • As above as there is nothing much forward of the riddle plate there is no ash drop out when the door is opened.
  • Loading the fire has to be done by the tongs, one lump as a time, not too onerous and you realise how much less coal you are using. Just have to be careful.
All in all a great device and to be recommended. It’ll be interesting to see how long it lasts 

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