Wednesday, 14 February 2018

A good place to be

Over the years while we have owned boats we have spent many or most of our wedding anniversaries on board. We rather foolishly got married on Valentine’s Day which while could be considered romantic also means getting a restaurant table and decent service on our wedding anniversaries is a problem. So we get some nice food and head to Percy.

No different this year with me coming up from Chichester after a weekend in London at no2 sons flat DIY’ing and Rachel coming from Derby after being in London with me.

Being first to the boat and with all the ‘stuff’ I set to bringing Percy out of hibernation. I last stayed on board in November when I based myself for the Motorcycle show in Birmingham. I have called in to check on a couple of occasions in between but this was a ‘water on’ moment. Having been caught out by frozen pipes on Waterlilty and a damaged water heater on Comet waiting for the pump to stop and the system to hold pressure is always a little tense.

Percy had survived another winter so the fire got lit, the cat and dog brought aboard and the bed stripped and remade. The Dyson got used to give the boat a fresh feel. The donk took a couple of spins and fired on one cylinder for 30 seconds while the diesel got through to the farthest cylinder from the fuel supply.

It was cold last night so the fire was kept well in and we slept the sleep of angels. We woke this morning to a frozen canal and a beautiful winters morning. It’ll rain later but we have nothing to do other than relax and recharge our batteries for the next few weeks that will be very busy.

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