Sunday, 18 February 2018

The Genny gets some tlc

I can’t remember how long I have had the 2kw genny. I think we must have had it when we had Waterlily, it must be a good 5 years old. It does not get much use, we have used it for powering the flymo plus the chain saw and most often the Dyson for a decent clean of the boat. Last time I needed it it refused to start, so yesterday I had opportunity after watering up to give it a look at.

It needed an oil change for sure, like most generators they are emptied by tipping the device over while the oil plug is out. A fiddly and messy process. I wanted to have a decent look at it so took the side off. Lucky I did as I spotted the choke cable was out of its housing meaning it was running rich and no doubt part of the problems of poor starting and running. I also drained and cleaned the float bowl, not too dirty.

Once fixed and fresh oil added, reverse sequence of filling, tipping the other way and filling until it was jut on the lip of the filler when on the level.... not a great idea but the only way.

It started after a few pulls which would be the system priming, then ran very sweetly with the econ mode working well again.

I have not put the double skin chimney on as the base of the outer skin does not allow the inner skin to fit into the flue, resulting in a little seepage of tar onto the roof  I stopped with damp rags but far from perfect. So I fitted just a liner and have been running the fire with just that sticking 16 inches out of the collar, it's a tight fit and had proven reliable in keeping tar off the roof. I went to Midland Chandlers today to get single skin chimney but they had non on the shelves, having removed them as most were not big enough to drop well over the collar, the helpful lass got quite a few out to measure but did say many had been brought back as they did not fit . My collar needs six and a quarter inches so it looks like I will be visiting a few other chandlers with a tape measure. One thing having printing contacts I will not be paying nearly £20 for another liner, I’ll cadge a few plates from people I know and cut the plates to fit.

Tomorrow I’ll be putting a few loops into some rope I got from MC so I can make up some smaller mooring ropes and use the existing ones as cruising ropes when I may need he extra length.

Plenty more jobs to do, just need time ..... daft I know being retired and all !!

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