Friday, 2 February 2018

Seem to be setting an unwelcome record

Winters in the past have seen me living aboard Percy, hard but rewarding existence. This winter I think I have set a new record in time not on Percy. The last time I was aboard was in November when I used the boat as a base for the bike show in Birmingham. The irony is I am now retired and spending less time aboard !

There are good reasons for this, a family member is quite poorly and this is taking a lot of time and travelling to add in support around Rachel’s work and the distances we need to travel.

I have been to the boat, essential checks really. My boat neighbours have been good in sending pictures - especially in the snow. I’ll not really know how Percy has survived until I light the fire and turn in the water in a week or so. It is our anniversary in February and we like to spend it aboard so that will be a good check all has survived.

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