Sunday, 11 February 2018

Here is one you will not have travelled

There are many lovely canals in the UK. I read about them on your blogs and plan my visits to them on Percy. I have not done too many complete canals,


Not a good record for sure. I did do one many of you will not have done but I had to do it by cycle as it's disconnected and I don't think it ever was connected to the main system. It is the Chichester canal and I cycled it last week. It was really to test out my new electric bike, maybe more on that later but is was a nice if not short ride from Chichester to Chichester harbour.

That is the main A27 from Portsmouth going east ...

Off to the sea .... but I know the lock could never be used again

If you wanted the desres at the end of the Chichester canal overlooking the lock to the sea..£ 220,000 to you !!! Click me if you have cash to splash


Sarah said...

Depends what you mean by travelled... I've hired a rowing boat on the Chichester Canal :-)

Nev Wells said...

..... well I suppose it's a boat on the canal even if you did not go much of the length, I have done its length but on the tow path so one all...;-)