Monday, 26 November 2012

Anorak alert...

 I am on 'Knowledge' trail now for canal boat engines that have some vintage or in my case related to vintage heritage.

For this reason I have ordered a book

The engine in Percy is not vintage, but it does have design - I think much unchanged from 1929 when it was first built. I like that, I like the fact it has such a pedigree.

If anyone out there knows of a good source of knowledge on all tings canal engine please let me (us) know. I have some simple experience of vintage engines in boats, we looked at a boat called Coopers pride a couple of years back. It had a 4 cylinder Gardner in it. All I can say it was very powerful, but also quite noisy and not in a nice way. Very much the same layout as Percy, it did have a dinette which I will miss on Percy.

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