Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Percy survey

I arrived excited and bang on 9am at Roger Farringtons yard in Braunston. He was getting ready to drag Percy out and as I apprached he just walked past saying 'who are you....." never waited for the answer. I accept there has to be 'characters' on the cut but this was rude, especially as I was paying him nearly £200 quid to slip Percy.

Other staff where much more friendly and later in the day I did see RF smile.... but I don't recall having any conversation with him.

Anyhow, the survey.....first job is to get the boat out of the water..... all 18 tons of it.

We had commisioned Balliol Fowden from Anglo European Marine to do the survey. He has done the surveys on our last two boats and is very knowledgeable and comprehensive. He provides a very detailed report with varying levels of recommendation for works needing doing.

He is also happy to have me follow him around and ask all sorts of questions and explains his findings as he goes along. Having now done three surveys I almost feel like his apprentice !

Plenty to look at, they always seem so different out of the water.... like a beached whale in fact.

Pleasing bow construction.

Might have to spend a few bob  on a new fender tip cap I think it is called?

This 18" prop is he driving force. No real ratio on the hydraulic drive so it gets about 600rpm max....still shifts a fair bit of water.

Balliol spent some time inspecting the locking of the prop. Really the thread should extend past the nut. Something to worry about when the prop shaft is ever replaced.

Good gaps apparently....all I know is the boat was very responsive when we brought it down from Norton Junction on Sunday.

This is a retrofit, anti cavitation device. Added as the boat might have been pulling air off the surface into the swim.

Tony Redshaw build this himself....a good shell with little wear or pitting, just what you want to hear from the survey.

So, a few things in side to get sorted....nothing serious and I have asked Tony if he will look at them for me.

 Oh -  some inside photos.....these have been taken off the original advert for Percy.

Well... what do you think?


Adam said...

A very interesting boat. We had Balliol do the survey on Briar Rose, and I learned a lot during the process. I can recommend a man who makes fenders -- a boat like that deserves nice fenders!

Blue Moon said...

Looks great Nev - very interesting indeed. Look forward to seeing him (that sounds strange !!) moored up at Fradley.

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Wow! Full of character congratulations, lovely boat :))

LittleInsect said... that!

Captain Ahab said...

Nice boat Nev.