Thursday, 29 November 2012

BSC passed .... Ready for change of ownership tomorrow

Today was the day Percy was having a BSC inspection I had asked for as part of the offer to buy. He did have 2 years to go but I wanted 4 years as an endorsement that the main systems were safe. Tony Redshaw has been very good and sorted the stove out fully, another thing I was keen on. From what I gather a job for an engineer ....

So the logistics are resolved...

Rachel and I are driving over tomorrow to be at Braunston by 9.30. We will go through the paperwork then drive over to Northampton and do the CHAPS transfer then .... Depending on what I need to know I will be heading off to get as close to Rugby as possible. Rachel will be driving back to Derby Friday pm then being driven back to Rugby.... hopefully Newbold by Tom our eldest son bringing our youngest who is coming down from Leeds Friday late... Keeping up?

Callum and Rachel will be then with me till Sunday afternoon, hopefully getting as close to Alvecote as possible before they are picked up by Tom again and Callum will get the train back to Leeds from Derby....then Father in law arrives at the bricks and motor as he is having some building work done at his place. Depending where I get to on Sunday pm will determine if I get back to Fradley Monday... I doubt it but will try. I have Monday off work and have an option on Tuesday. If it is Tuesday Rachel will not be able to pick me up as she is off to a conference in Harrogate for three days, leaving Father in Law at our house until I get picked up ( hopefully) by Tom who will bring me and Leia the dog home.

Now that's logistics !

So if all goes to plan I may be blogging from somewhere outside of Rugby tomorrow evening!

All packed.... Te problem with getting anoth boat is all our stuff in aboard Waterlily and we are not 100% sure what Jill and Tony will be leaving n Percy.

S all things going to plan I'll blog from Percy tomorrow night somewhere short of Rugby !


Anonymous said...

Good luck and congratulations!

EndlessImprovement said...

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