Sunday, 18 November 2012

First cruise on possibly our next boat !

Today we drove down to Norton Junction to meet up with Gill and Tony Redshaw who's boat Percy we are hoping to buy. The reason for the visit was to take Percy to Braunston boats where tomorrow the 19th November he will be put on a trolly and dragged out of the water for a full pre purchase survey.

We really hope it goes well and there is nothing bad to find.

We enjoyed the trip. The controls are very intuitive and easy  - speed wheel and gear selector. As the boat is driven hydraulically it can be moved in and out of gear without dropping revs, ideal for moving between locks as we did today. It can (and will) be dropped to a fantastic tickover as and when needed.

This is a quick video or rather audio clip going through Braunston tunnel

These are photo's dropping down the Braunston locks.

This last one shows how busy it is ar Roger Farringtons yard, and how late we got there. One thing..... never had a trad with a stove just by your leg.....worth its weight in gold on a day like today.

Lets hope the survey is ok tomorrow.

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