Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Slip & survey booked

Not quite as quickly as we would have liked due to making arrangement with the owners Tony & Gill   to move the boat. Part our fault as we have requested the top of the stove be replaced and a boat safety acquired. This resulted in a slight delay in getting the boat down to Roger Farringtons yard at the bottom of the Braunston flight. The yard could not fit us in next week s it has to be Monday the 19th. I have booked the day off to be there when Balliol does the survey.

Balliol has surveyed our other two boats and is precise and very knowledgable. One thing we will ask for a good look at is the hydraulic drive. Not something I am familiar with but I know Balliol fitted them to his hire fleet when he operated from the same yard Percy will be surveyed at....small world.

So nothing to report until we have the survey done.....

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