Friday, 30 November 2012

Percy adopts us...

So all went to plan today. Well except for not getting past the Hilmorton locks. I am out in the mist just above the locks. My crew is mustering in Derby at the moment and hopefully will be with me 9am ish tomorrow morning.

I have to say a heartfelt thanks to Jill and Tony Redshaw. They have been just fantastic to deal with via Tony Redshaw the broker. It must be so hard passing over such a treasured boat to a relative stranger. They have left the boat well equipped, he looks very much as we viewed him some weeks ago. We are so well catered for I feel at home already.

The CHAPs transfer took longer than expected as we had to drive to Northampton to do it. We were back just before 12 and Rachel and Tony had hailed the local coal/diesel boat and topped up with about 125 litres of diesel, a bottle of gas and two bags of coal. Good to keep the local traders in business.

We went through the engine and other bits again then I slowly drew back and then forwards heading off the Grand union off up the north Oxford.

Then I cruised for about two and a half hours just perfect. It was cold but the little boatman's stove did a sterling job keeping me warm.

I especially enjoyed all the bridges as the engine note amplifies as you go under....:-)

Here are a few pictures for the record.

 Rachel straight into galley slave mode, getting some warm soup on the go.
 Tony's premises are in sight of the junction. I waited as just I undid the ropes a boat came up slowly behind me, then as I got to the junction there was an ownerships boat on the move.

 This fella was skipping off in front of me for a few hundred yards. You really cannot miss them can you.
 Not a place I'd want to be but is shows how deep the canal is ... even at bridge holes. I slowed to absolute tickover as he was not getting out. I got thanks for it. Good to see the maintenance going on. 
 As the sun dropped it got very cold. Enjoying the trad stern for sure.

So this is where I ended up, just at the top of the Hilmorton locks. the camera has got a lot more light out of the evening than there was.... it was very gloomy and foggy. I am about to go out and see if it has cleared.

Halfie, I passed Shadow as they were headed for the junction.

Finally a video taken just before I stopped. It moves a little as I was shooting and steering at the same time.... remember I am a bloke !


KevinTOO said...

I guess today is like Christmas day when you were a 5 year old Nev, that's certainly the best present :)
Enjoy :)

Dave Winter said...

Sounds great!

Carol said...

Brill sound under the bridge - but does ‘being a bloke’ mean that you can do two things at once or that you can’t?

Les Biggs said...

Congratulations to you both on a lovely new boat! We are moored between Onley and Braunston, heading your way for Newbold in case it ices up. We have an appointment with the marina in Stoke Golding for 10 Dec. to black the boat. Hope to see you both soon!
Jaq and Les

Wozie said...

Lucky you, we like Percy too, sounded great as you chugged by nb Oakfield!

MortimerBones said...


Nev Wells said...

Thanks for the comments, seems strange some can view the pics and not others... maybe worth a retry?

Les & Jaq, sorry I missed you, after my ice breaking Percy will need blacking !

Bones, you need to woo Maffie back, he is enjoying the northern hospitality too much !

Carol... nope only one thing at a time !

Kevin, yes I am a very lucky bloke, early Christmas for me for sure.

Halfie said...

Terrific, Nev. Well done! (Commenting from the PC as he Mac is rubbish.)

Halfie said...

You see - it even misses out letters. Oh - hang on though - this is the PC!