Sunday, 2 December 2012

Blumin 'ard work....

Well not compared to Sunday.... but we did not know that at the time. So Saturday, back doors open to......

The canal had iced over. not massive but problematic for a single hander and three Hilmorton locks...

 The tell tail sign of a boater who is on a time schedule.... see tomorrow for more on that !

 The first lock was a real took me about three attempts to get onto the lock landing breaking up the ice to get in. Then it was slow motion, think everything through twice. The next lock was better as another boat arrived as I went in so they locked me down. The above photo is me waiting as I'd spied my crew arriving .... see below. How pleased I was to see them !

It then got better and better, very cold but just cruising all day. The ice dissipated and there were few others on the move.

We passed a couple of bloggers.... NB Oakfield, gathering some sun.

 NB Derwent6 full on Christmas decorations....

 Then on to colourful Newbold tunnel

Well I had to record that sound in the tunnel !

 A couple of action shots with Rachel at the tiller. You can see how the ice has taken off the blacking.... it needed doing in the New Year anyhow.

As the sun set just as we passed Sutton stop - I made a right pigs ear of the turn, lucky it was so cold no one was watching. We got some lovely winter images, including another Kingfisher... I suppose my ice breaking helps them to keep fishing.

We pressed on and moored up just past Marsten junction, tired but happy, especially with a curry and wine/beer on board.

We did not expect the canal to ice over quite so badly..........see tomorrow for the highs and lows !


Ian and Irene Jameison said...

Hi Nev,
I have encountered a couple of problems on both your blogs. On Waterlily, blogger wont let me access the photos of 'Percy' and when I click the video on this blog I get a message to say it is private. Could be a glitch in blogger itself but thought I aught to let you know.
On a different note, I love the colour and look of Percy. Shame I didn't get to hear the sound of her as she went through Newbold tunnel. Hopefully the problem will be resolved soon. Enjoy your cruising,

Nev Wells said...

Hi Irene,

In case you are subscribed to comments I have now sorted the video.....