Thursday, 6 December 2012

110 foot of canal boat (s)

Tuesday saw me back on Percy with the intention of moving the final two locks (keepers and Hunts) down to my mooring on Hunts.

Mandy My neighbour off Don't Panic is recovering from a bad accident on the moorings and with permission is up on a vacant mooring s between Junction and Keepers lock. She has give me the OK to draw Waterlily back onto her mooring for a little time in order that we can move all the personal stuff off Waterlily prior to being sold.

So first job on arriving was to walk Leia down to Hunts and drag Waterlily 60 odd foot backwards. The wind helping as it was  across the cut onto our moorings pinning Waterlily to the armco.

Job done we then locked Percy down the last two locks of the journey home and fitting nicely onto the moorings.

Tea and more investigations of the boat revealed a very slight leak on the stop tap.... bit of an arse really as it is the tank side, so if it will not nip up I'll have to drain the tanks. Percy has two stainless steel tanks connected. Tony originally fitted a galvanised tank which was replaced and the best way to get the volume and be able to retrofit them was to put in twin stainless tanks. I might add some more insulation in this area as although well below the waterline the tops of the tanks are a little exposed so could freeze in really bad weather.

 This is the Hunts lock moorings

Just arrived back on the 4th December

 Waterlily will make someone a very fine boat.

Looking back towards Hunts Lock.

We (Leia and I) had a nice walk to common lock to finish off the day. When I got back Kev my other neightbour came out and we had a good chat.

Now it's just the matter of keeping the fire in when we get the next cold spell.... at least we will not have to cruise breaking ice.

One thing I may have not mentioned was on Monday when cruising from 7.30 am to 4pm I passed three boats....that in itself is a very good reason to cruise in winter.


Bruce in Sanity said...

Welcome back; well done that man!

Don't delay with the winterisation, looks like it could get seriously cold next week…

Good luck with selling Waterlily, I'm sure she'll go quickly. Rugby Boats seems to be doing the best job these days, if the stuff on CWDF is right.

All the best


Nev Wells said...


Thanks for the comment, and the inspiration for progressing my boat ownership.

Both boats are drained down now, Percy is quite simple on the M&E side of things.

I think I'll go with Great Haywood, they are shifting boats very quickly and will moor her at Kings Bromley so a short hop for her last journey.

Take care