Saturday, 29 December 2012

So, what have you been doing today then Nev ?

Thanks for asking, I have been very busy !

Last night it was really blowing.  We are well moored up so Percy was not moving much but it was quite noisy. We were up at 6.20am as Rachel was working today. We had breakfast and I walked Leia on the dark and the wind but surprisingly quite mild morning then it was a blast down the A38 back to Derby, dropped Rachel off at work then home to collect the tools.

A shopping list was  generated then off to B&Q for cable and brass sockets.... after that is was a trip to Midland Chandlers for supplies... no bayonet LED bus bulbs so Baddie the Pirate will be contacted....

Then off to Great Haywood via the great roadside cafe just past Uttoxeter on the Stafford road, to be recommended..... only the A51 was closed.... not sure why so I followed the diversion via Tixell only to find the diversion route was also closed...good planning by someone. Its the first time owning a 4x4 has given me that smug feeling (sorry) as I thought sod it and took the Honda into water......

The white car was a MG...why on earth he thought it would get through the water I don't know.....

I arrive at Great Haywood and sorted a few bits out on Waterlily... she looked great just washed down by the rain... I emptied the cassette in what must be the cleanest nicest elsan on the cut, well done Great Haywood marina.

Then it was back to Fradley to start the jobs on Percy......

Main task was to put in a 240v socket by the TV, this entailed spurring off a socket in the galley. Half way through Rachel called to say she was ready for her pick up so we (Leai came) headed off back to Derby to collect the worker.... back to Percy (125 miles for the day...) to finish off the socket install.... looks good and works.

While I finished off Rachel emptied one of the boxes of Waterlily ornaments and pots and distributed them about the boat, whilst cooking a nice pasta dish.

All in all a busy day, but worthwhile, lots done, Rachel is back at work again tomorrow leaving me to sort out more of the Percy personalisation !

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