Friday, 28 December 2012

Crap all aboard

Sorry for the brisk language....but today we eventually returned to Percy to put  all the crap useful stuff we removed from Waterlily.

The poor Honda was packed to the roof and we set off after a delayed start and parked as close to Keepers lock as possible.

I then did quite a neat reverse into Hunts lock and went up backwards, then revering to the keepers lock landing for the transfer of the 'stuff' into Percy.

Percy is 10 foot bigger bit we are still having difficulty finding a home for all the stuff we brought off Waterlily.

After we had Unloaded/loaded we then went back down Hunts to our mooring. This is not something we could have done in four months time !

A light lunch of Christmas left overs was taken then a walk to Alrewas Coop for supplies, in the dark on a very muddy towpath.

Turkey curry was consumed after a bath.. starting to read a bit like Bruce's blog.... now a film is being consumed via the laptop as I have not sorted the telly out yet.

All in all a good day.... and we had an offer on Waterlily. Shame it was too low, she has only been on brokerage for about a week. We felt bad refusing the offer and follow up offer but we have an idea of the price she is worth and as its only just on the market we would be not doing Percy justice if we sold low as we want to use some of the proceeds for work on Percy.

Tomorrow Rachel is working so I am taking her back to Derby then a visit to the chandlers for a few bits then work on Percy !


Bruce in Sanity said...

Happy New Year, you cheeky b**ger!

I think you're confusing me with Adam on Briar Rose, he's the one does the "what we ate" bit; I just record our trips to the shops.

Take care and good luck with the sale


Nev Wells said...

Lol.... I am coming to Mercia for bits from MC in half an hour if the kettle is on? Now thats cheeky !