Thursday, 27 December 2012

Things to remember for Christmas 2013

Hope I am not being too optimistic thinking I'll be reading this in just under 12 months time but I always forget who did what where and when. Its a personal post as a reminder so no much interest unless you like us have large families where some do more than others...

So it was a Christmas Chinese meal at my Sister in laws  (Joy) on the Saturday to celebrate my Father in laws birthday. Sunday saw us at my sisters for a family get together where most attended apart from my eldest son and my three nieces and one nephew called Oliver.

Christmas eve Rachel was working till gone 9pm

Christmas day we had Mother in Law for dinner and Rachel's eldest sister had her for tea whilst Joy had Father in Law with her other sister Helen. FIL went home on his own for tea !

Boxing day saw us visit Father in Law and take him to Sharon's for lunch and tea along with Mother in law.... we did offer to have them both for tea...

I'll add to as the holiday season is covered. Boring yet but a good reference for next year ! It will quickly disappear as I blog about jobs on Percy....

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  1. What a good idea! Hello Percy.......(and Season's greetings...)