Monday, 17 December 2012

Percy's top three Christmas presents

Ok, so now Waterlily is away awaiting her new owners (hopefully) my attention is drawn towards the first few things that I'd like to make ownership of Percy a little more 'controlled'

Most of you who own a boat will know 'levels' are quite important. Not the spirit type levels but levels of 'consumables', specifically:
  • Power
  • Water
  • Diesel
  • Waste
  • Gas
The latter two on Percy are weight related, lifting a gas cylinder you can usually tell how much use you have had from it. At the moment the toilet is a simple porta potty....weight is the best way of telling but the are more visual methods....this is an area that I'd like to improve on maybe with something like this.... 

Power is critical on boats. the best bit of kit I installed on Waterlily was a Smartgauge.

It saves running the engine unnecessarily, which saves diesel and wear and tear, plus noise when stationary (even if it is a nice noise)  There is a basic gauge on Percy that seems to detail the battery state of charge, but it is basic and not something I could use or rely on.

Water is quite obviously the essential of life and comfortable living.  I latterly fitted a water tank gauge on Waterlily that is now an essential, so this will be fitted asap...the plastic pipe that is used on Percy will make this easier as is the access.

Diesel is easier  as there is are two access bolts to dip the two tanks plus a less than effective sight glass.

A final 'level' indicator is the engine hours, useful for fuel use, after you have determined what the consumption is per hour, and servicing intervals. I have one on order from Ebay...

Buying is one thing... fitting is the next !

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Nev Wells said...

Mike and Marian
Nb Duxllandyn

I can't see where you have left your comment to reply to. Can you email me at nev @ (remove the spaces). I need to know the exact make of the loo and price?