Tuesday, 31 December 2013

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So Sunday saw us leave our Branston mooring for the last hop back to Fradley. We have done the Willington run in a day before. Canal plan says it's about 7 hours but we did not need to rush.

This is Rachel bringing Percy into Branston lock, it was quite frosty, no ice on the canal thankfully as I have read elsewhere the canal did get some ice overnight.

We saw the effects of the recent high winds, good job there was no boat moored when the tree came down...

We did not meet any boats until we got to the river then we timed it right at Alrewas lock as there was a boater ready to come down who set the lock for us. The river although was advised as normal did have a decent flow, nothing Percy could not handle, it just gave a nice bow wave !

We stopped for dinner in Alrewas, it was quite deserted boat wise.

The final approach was done in twilight.... A nice time to cruise, even if it is cold. The land around common lock was recently up for auction. We made some enquiries but CaRT advised as part of their mooring reduction policy they would not allow boats on the canal adjacent to this land. Shame as looking at it it would have made an ideal small holding, similar to the pig farm at bridge 69. It did sell and only the part next to the canal so someone wanted water frontage... Hopefully not a developer!!

I approached our mooring at absolute tickover, not really wanting the cruise to end.

It was nice to see the friendly faces of the fellow moorers at Hunts, they are a friendly group.

So that was our cruising for 2013. I am part way through a blog entry reviewing the year, it is always good to see what you have done and where you have been....

Happy safe and prosperous New Year to anyone who reads my blog.

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Location:Branston to Fradley


Jacquie said...

Nice end to the year's cruising. Wishing you both too, a lovely New Year. Best Wishes Jacquie

John and Louise said...

Happy New Year Nev & Rachel. All the best for 2014. Hope to catch up soon for a beer and a chat.

John & Louise xx

Nev Wells said...

Hi John & Louise,

I was beginning to worry about you and your boat, no blog for some while. Thanks for the best wishes. We wish you a safe and prosperous New Year with us both being local we should catch up in the New Year, even if it is for you to take me to the marina for a go at those Carp !