Sunday, 15 December 2013

The two B's in one day

One is a 40 year passion the other half of that.

So we overnighted on the boat as we had arranged to meet Adele from Watercolour property solutions (as recommended by Noryn ex Shellbell) for a price to do the alterations on our boat. The fridge is now on the boat ready....we suspect the work will have to be done back on the mooring, we are not too sorry about that as marina life is not for us and we are missing our off line mooring a lot more than we imagined.

After Adele left we hot footed it back home and got the bike out and went for Sunday lunch with a good friend Steve. My lovely clean pan European now is covered in crap... but the 80 miles were worth is as winter riding keeps the focus everything needs to be smooth as the roads were wet and greasy and most car drivers have forgotten what a bike looks like let alone its capabilities and vulnerabilities.

Off to the boat painter on Wednesday hopefully to discuss options for a September 14 repaint. At last we will get Tony's name off the boat !!

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