Thursday, 26 December 2013

What a let down.....

So we had Percy in Mercia marina ahead of the stoppages so we could get some work down on the kitchen by the boat builder there. Only we got an email with a revised price as we had altered the work we needed (less) to be told due to shifting boat building priorities the work could not now be done until late February early March. Now that would put us within the stoppages and mean another two months  (over £500) in the marina.

So after that let down we will be leaving Mercia hopefully this weekend to bring Percy back home to Fradley. We do have one more iron in the fire as we got a recommendation form Norwyn ex ShellBell for a cabinet maker who does all sorts of boaty bits. Adele came to see us and is preparing a quote, the work will have to be done on line at Fradley, so we'll see. Plan d,e,f will see me doing the work, using some holiday up in the early spring, I could do it but wanted a quick job quick being a one hit rather than over a few weekends of using valuable holiday.

So even when you think you have a contractor who does not work on canal time.... you get bitten!

Hey-ho, not all bad, it has allowed us the scratch the itch of marina living or mooring and we have found it not to be to our liking so while expensive, we have been able to do a few jobs while local and realised that our online mooring is where we prefer to be, albeit with its limitations.

So now looking forward to a weekend cruise back up to Fradley, maybe stopping off at Branston or if we make good progress Alrewas for a short hop to Fradley on Sunday.

For the record, we had a good but busy Christmas, going to our son Toms for dinner and back home to host half of Rachels family for tea. (we do dinner and tea not lunch and dinner) Today we have been invited to Rachels other sister in Walsall for tea, not 100% sure on that yet.

One thing I need to do before cruising back is to fit a new oil pump on Percy. I have it on the boat from Engine stationary parts, only problem is came painted red... so I need some water based paint stripper to remove it before I can polish up the brass before fitting.... so today next job is a trip to B&Q for said water based paint stripper. The one fitted I am not happy with its performance I'll blog about that hopefully after the successful swap over


Norwyn Parker said...

Good luck with plan abcde Adele is an excellent carpenter so I'm sure you will get the job your looking for. Let me wish you a happy and prosperous New year --- good luck for 2014

Nev Wells said...

Hi Norwyn,

Thanks for the comment. We have not got Adels' s quote yet, but hope we can agree a price for the work. Happy New Year to you and yours


Nev & Rachel

Halfie said...

We have lunch and tea. What does that make us?

Oh yes, Happy New Year to you both.

Nev Wells said...

...confused !!

Happy New Year, the first full one of retirement - lets hope you get some cruising in this year on your boat.

Halfie said...

I'm often confused, but not usually where food is concerned!

Thanks for your good wishes. I'm hoping to have the boat back soon ... definitely by Easter, but probably before then. We hope so!