Thursday, 5 December 2013

Feeling frustrated....How hard can it be??

Quality Sun headline.....

I am getting to the end of my rather short fuse (short bloke short fuse) I just want the kitchen altered. When we brought Percy we both knew the kitchen was not to our liking and would need to be altered.

But it is proving to be very difficult, the size being the main constraint. We want to keep the cupboards as they were hand made to a good standard by Tony Redshaw and give the boat an age signature. We want to get rid of the fridge on the worktop....

Ideally gas would be preferable but dropping it down and the need for ventilation and our concerns for safety mean it has to go and a 12v model replace it. However as the cupboards are such a small size it is not just a case of taking one out for a 'standard' 12v fridge.We toyed with the idea of taking the cooker out and moving the fridge there but then we would have to replace the worktop fridge with a worktop fitted oven and grill, and Jaq says they are not as good as a standard over !! (not that we are great bakers at the moment.)

The 12v bothers me as plenty have advised they are a battery drainer for sure, I have options on that front and we do have a nice engine to listen to if we have to add a bit to the batteries while staying put.

The twin bowl sink is very 1980's and not very functional so that has to go.

We miss a microwave as we do use one at home for bits and bobs ... porridge is easier in a microwave ! So the latest halfway design is a microwave where the fridge is at head height....

Excuse the 'mock up but it gave us an idea of what we might gain. The microwave will be under the cupboard.

We will drop the microwave back in depth and line it up with the little plate rack and a shelf for bits and bobs lined up with the cup rack. Then we gain a decent amount of worktop... we will recover the dead space in the corner as well.

There will be a need for some rewiring but it is all there what we need.

That leaves a new sink and work top. We have ideas on the sink but really don't want a 40mm thick worktop. So any links for sheet laminate, the sheet stuff not the roll on stuff as we will most probably replace the aged 15 mm marine ply and recover it, just need a supplier for the sheet stuff?

We should end up with a much more spacious kitchen.... O' the replacement fridge will be a painfully expensive Waeco model that will fit into the bottom cupboard and draws I think 0 .9a/h It is smaller but it does have a 2 star freezer compartment for those essentials.

We are waiting on a revised price from Aqua at Mercia for the work, if it is too much I'll be doing it... the other problem is stoppages and boat withdrawal so all three will be factored in before we make a decision on who does it.

Watch this space.... please let me know if you know of where to get the thick sheet laminate from?


  1. If you're worried by the battery drain by the 12V fridge, then what about that caused by the microwave oven? I suppose you could always make sure you run the engine when you want to use the microwave ...

  2. Halfie is right, cook your poggy on the hob. A microwave draws about 8 amps at 240 volts that is 160 amps at 12 volts, if its on for 10 minuts a day its 21 ah or quarter of a battery.

  3. But surely halfie/Brian and Diana they can just pop the engine on when they want to use the microwave. Same thing we do when we want to use the vacuum, washing machine etc, etc. I don't have one but if you see it as a good essential then go for it. Wish I had space for one just to warm plates etc on!

  4. You are right about the power.... we have a little Dyson that only runs when the engine is running - plus we use the lawnmower when the engine is running !! I guess we will suck it and see, only porridge on cruising days when we know the amps will go back in. We also have a genny (suitcase) that we will use if we are out for extended periods, but not for porridge making first thing !! Its all a learning curve so thanks for your thoughts, but what about the laminate !!

  5. ... well that is the fridge ordered, £125 less than MC.... feeling less frustrated but poorer already !

  6. Adele Banks from Branston great carpenter and great prices
    Hope you get the kitchen you want. Needed the old boat today here on the East coast