Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Ok, so let's test your cruising knowledge

So back to the boating blog. Part two of my hastily arranged annual leave brought me to this location, it is quite relevant to a future blog post and not a place we have been to before.

How good are you.

First correct guess will trigger the reason for the visit .....

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  1. Yes, and I think that's Dadford's Shed in the second photo.

  2. 10/10 for our cruising experts. I presume you have both done this flight?


  3. Did this in April 2011. I made a timelapse film of our ascent of the Stourbridge Canal, including the Stourbridge Town Arm, the Fens Branch and the Stourbridge Extension Canal, here:

  4. No, we haven't actually done the flight. It's been on the agenda a couple of times, but the plans were thwarted by factors such as a breach. We have helped friends down the flight, though.